Vintage Pizza Pie Co.

This is the best wood-fired-oven pizza truck around—be sure to stop when you see the 1938 Chevy Maple Leaf flat-bed. Married chefs Isabelle and Richard worked at a Prince Edward County winery and decided to take their love of gourmet pizza-making on the road. They outfitted the Chevy with a copper wood-fired oven built in Skowhegan, Maine in 2013, and have served up traditional Neapolitan pizza at events in Northumberland and beyond ever since. The flame-kissed dough creates a light, puffed crust that showcases local herbs, tomatoes and cheese. Bella!


Vito's Pizza

36 Prince Edward St.
Brighton, Ont.

Friendly service and homestyle, big-portion favourites is a tradition here that started back in 1977 by Frank and Voula Georgatos. Their Greek and Italian dishes, including fresh and tasty golden-crust pizzas, took off. (The oregano was hand-picked in Greece on summer visits home.) Now owners Nick and Michelle Liakos use the same made-from-scratch recipes, pizza dough made daily and hand-rolled to order, with a signature pizza sauce with 14 herbs and spices. Plus, there’s live jazz on Sundays. Vito’s Special is easily the most-ordered. Try it and you’ll see why.


Jim's Pizza

22 Walton St.
Port Hope, Ont.

Jim’s is a Port Hope institution, circa 1970, on the historic main street with a summer sidewalk patio for eating up the incredible ’za and the laidback ambience. This is super-cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth pizza served up piping hot on a classic pedestal. Add on the jalapeno dip for extra fun and dousing crusts! You’ll love the flavourful ingredients, cozy inside dining and easy takeout, so you can grab a slice and eat by the beautiful Ganaraska River. The question remains: Who will get to the centre-point doughball first?


Pizza Amore

29 King St. E.
Colborne, Ont.

Hungry? Taso, the owner of this hidden gem, likes to load his pizzas up right with delicious sautéed veg, olives, crisped pepperoni and stretchy mozzarella right to edge. His secret? Fresh ingredients and a home-crafted pie made with “pure love” (hence the name, Pizza Amore). Fans also come for the southern pulled pork on a bun, but the pizza is rated consistently amazing. Also, the resto is just a three-minute drive from the village’s Big Apple attraction for cider, apple desserts and outdoor ping pong.



92 Bridge St. E.
Campbellford, Ont.

Get a retro booth inside this family restaurant and dig into some homemade pie. Apollo is the god of the sun, light, knowledge, music, art, poetry, oracles and, apparently, pizza. Along with build-your-own panzerottis (with anchovies and feta) and the Apollo namesake pie, Apollo’s also has a Greek-style standout with pepperoni, feta, mushroom, onion, green pepper, sausage, black olives, tomato and garlic. Delish!