Dubbed “Brighton’s local beauty brand,” the shop in Brighton opened in late 2017 and has been warmly accepted by skincare aficionados in the area as a go-to place for all-natural products. Started over 10 years ago by a pair of friends who wanted to provide customers with premium skincare that doesn’t have harsh chemicals (or hefty price tags), Rocia’s carefully developed skincare lines are all about finding a balanced routine for your skin’s needs.

Transforming the mentality of anti-aging skincare and makeup to one of “pro-aging,” Jacqui and Sue have developed six lines that can be tailored to your needs, and cater to the following skin types: normal-dry, normal-oily, sensitive, rosacea-prone those with acne and mature (35-plus). By setting up a step-by-step program for each (helpfully outlined on their website), they’ve taken a lot of the confusing guesswork out of treating your skin well at any stage of your life.

Their mineral makeup line fits right into the holistic philosophy of Rocia. The “buff & go” foundation comes in twelve shades that give a flawless natural skin look when applied. There are also eye shadows, liners, a mascara, blush and bronzer. The makeup has been a boon for customers who find other brands irritating to skin sensitivities.
The store also carries body-and-bath products, and self-care items such as massage candles that melt into a scented oil and can be used on the skin.

With gardening season coming up, you might want to try Gardener’s Glove Hand + Foot Therapy, an ultra-rich balm for hands that need protection. This moisturizer is one of their signature products, just as popular in the winter month to fight seasonal dryness.

All of their products are ethically sourced and cruelty-free. Their latest project is transitioning biodegradable packaging of all of their products; in this way, Jacqui and Sue are striving to make Rocia as kind to the earth as it is to their clients.

Where to go: Rocia Naturals
45 Main St.
Brighton, Ont.