If you’re like us, you’re always in the market for something beautiful—or retro, funky, cool—for your home. Head to King Street in Colborne to the aptly named Lotsastuff and you’ll find a store full of, well, lots of stuff. The business was started in 2000 but, after a break, was reopened at this location in March 2016.

They’re all about fun, unique and eccentric and include plenty of new bits and pieces, handmade by artisans as well as preloved, covetable items—all perfect for your home or for gift-giving. If you’re an aficionado of collectibles, you’ll find memorabilia of all types (and if you have your heart set on something specific, give owners Carl and Lesley a shout or reach out on Facebook—they might have come across what you’re searching for).

Our favourite items are their vintage pieces—everything from kitchenware (think old-style glasses and dishes) and chairs to quirky signs and clocks. In the last few weeks an Eastman Kodak camera, country farmhouse bench and a white basin on a stand have all caught our eyes.

And if you’re planning to make a trip and have an affinity for palm and psychic readings, check out their Facebook page before you go: Some weekends the store hosts special guests offering these fun services. (They also sell crystals and oracle cards.) Go often—there’s always coffee brewing for you to sip as you shop, and new items arrive all the time.

Update: Lostastuff has closed it's brick and mortar location but will be hosting auctions and pop-ups. Stay in the know by following them on Facebook.