This goes without saying but bears repeating—we love a good donut. That said, there are everyday donuts (which, don’t get us wrong—they do the job) and then there are gourmet donuts made by Hannah MacDonald, owner of Port Hope’s Frosted Flour Co., that pretty much send you to Blissville. These are the beautifully created treats that will satisfy a craving for sweets like no other.

Available first-come, first-served (and Saturdays only, so get there early), these artisanal creations are best warm out of the oven and come in dreamy flavours like crème brûlée, cherry cheesecake, banana cream pie, cosmic brownie and root beer float. (Yes, a root beer float donut.)

“These give me the freedom to really have fun and get creative,” MacDonald says, adding the donuts allow her to get artistic in a different way than the custom orders she takes for special occasion cakes and cupcakes. “The donuts are cut by hand, rolled by hand, decorated by hand, all in-house,” she says. It’s the process, she explains, that makes them so delectably good. “The secret is really the long proofing time for the flavour to develop in the yeast.”

Frosted Flour Co. isn’t just about donuts, of course. Walk into MacDonald’s sweet little shop and you’ll find lemon squares, meringue kisses, gluten-free brownies and so many more treats calling to you from behind the glass.

MacDonald has 10 years of experience as a baker—she’s sold 32,000 decorated sugar cookies, including superhero favourites Spider-Man, Batman and the Hulk. “Kids really seem to like the Hulk,” she says. And it’s all about pleasing her customers that makes the long hours and meticulous frosting worthwhile. She moved to Port Hope from Bowmanville three years ago, running her business from Facebook and word of mouth, and opened the Frosted Flour Co. shop in late 2017.

Her journey to baking queen started when she decided to take a cake decorating class with her mom to create a wedding cake for one of her sisters. She liked it so much, she decided to give up studying classical voice and pursue cake-baking full time. Now she sings lullabies to her kids but prefers whipping up batter to hitting the operatic high notes. “It struck a kind of passion and it’s become my art.”

Her most beloved creation? Her little sister, Lydia’s, six-tier wedding cake, covered in garden-party sugar flowers, sequins and hand-brushed embroidery. “I didn’t let her have any say in it. I went with my heart and it was gorgeous.”

Frosted Flour Co.
73 Mill St. S., Unit 103
Port Hope, Ont.