Anyone who creates art, poetry, music—or soothing balms and lotions, like Tamica Kristmanson—appreciates a workspace that is filled with natural light, historic beams and room to breathe.

And possibly a cat or two lounging on the floor.

“Animals are smart. If they see a strip of sunlight, they’re going to be in it,” Tamica says of the three family cats and rescue dog who hang out when she’s mediating in the early morning, or making patchouli-scented soap. “Having animals around is so calming and nurturing.”

Cree Organics in Colborne, owned and operated by Tamica and her husband Clark, who is a metalworks artist and cabinetmaker, truly fits the bill. The coach house on a quiet King Street property is a charming, two-storey, 1830s building with a relaxed, white-painted interior. It houses the store for Tamica’s products as well as organic teas, and an upper-floor studio with, well, all kinds of potential.

Want to host a make-your-own dreamboard event? Or learn how to braid those ’70s flashback macramé plant hangers instead of ordering one from CB2? This could be the place for you.

The furnishings are minimal to create an open, welcoming vibe. There’s a pink French sofa for conversation and contemplation, a big work table and large glass windows for letting in as much light as possible. (Tamica moved here from Vancouver’s rain, and is “addicted” to Ontario sunlight and blue skies.) “Sunlight is incredibly healing and powerful,” she says.

She plans to use one room upstairs for making her gentle skincare line, and she’s transforming the adjoining space for local artists to create and host workshops of their own.

“It just feels so good, spiritually, energetically, like a vortex of so much love,” Tamica says of the new studio space. “I think there’s a sense of abundance here that I want to share with people.”

The garden and grounds outside are also a part of the plan. They make for inviting spots for art shows and al fresco yoga classes, with lots of ferns, poppies and fragrant peonies. (Yes, please, to breathing deep for heavenly sun salutations!) There’s a small pond, too, with fish for curious cats.

“It’s going to be wonderful,” Tamica says. “I have a vision.”

Cree Organics
57 King Street E.,
Colborne, Ont.